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I collect donations targeted to the kids in orphanages in Asian countries, to cater for their health and well-being. Please, no amount is too small to donate, even A Dollar might be of great help to their situation.

We are passionate about supporting important causes, including providing work support and education for children. We believe that collective efforts can make a significant difference.

To contribute to our mission, we offer a selection of videos in the categories of self-healing, poetry, and inspirational quotes. Many of these videos feature content derived from our books and their extended versions. Your support not only grants you access to inspiring content but also empowers us to expand our initiatives. If you are inclined to make a donation, we wholeheartedly encourage it, as it fuels our ability to continue offering valuable resources through this platform.

To make a purchase or donation, please send us an email specifying your chosen video category (Healing, Poetry, Quotes), the video number, and your email address. We will promptly process your request and deliver the selected content to your inbox within 2 business days.

Your support is pivotal in fostering a community of like-minded individuals, and it also enables us to extend a helping hand to those who require support. Every contribution plays a vital role in advancing our shared goals. Thank you for being part of this endeavor.